Raptor Research & Conservation Foundation



Conservation through research to ensure stable wild populations of the various species of Asian birds of prey. Raptors are the Litmus Test of the viability of the varied habitats they occupy and are represented as symbolic emblems of power in cultures throughout the world.

We shall endeavour to augment existing knowledge of raptor biology and ecology, and through scientific research, work towards maintaining suitably large diverse habitats, preserve biological diversity and prevent any extinction.

Disseminate knowledge gained to ornithologists, pertinent Government Agencies and, through education and awareness, the public at large.


  1. To carry out detailed studies of Asian birds of prey and promote their conservation. These studies will help identify future threats to the survival of our raptor species and suggest remedial measures required. The acquired scientific information would be communicated to the scientific community, concerned Government departments and local communities.
  2. To educate the general populace to appreciate and conserve these magnificent aerial predators, the ‘flagship’ role they play in nature at the apex of the food chain and suggest appropriate conservation methods to prevent their decline and extinction. A healthy diversity of raptors translates into sizeable, diverse, robust eco-systems which consequently benefits human existence.
  3. To form a core group of talented and dedicated researchers and for this purpose to open establish, conduct, manage and provide facilities and finance for research and training for raptor biologists.
  4. To collaborate on projects with other ornithological and raptor-centric research institutions and individuals in India and abroad having similar objectives and particular skills.
  5. To establish liaison and make representations to the decision-makers in the Government of India, State Governments, forest departments, local and public authorities, research- based conservation bodies in India and abroad with respect to policy issues in ensuring the survival of raptor species and prevent practices deleterious to the environment in general.
  6. To initiate a conservation department with dedicated staff who will translate field research into conservation initiatives by liaising with Ministry of environment & Forests (MOEF), forest departments and conservation agencies. This department will publicize the role of raptors in maintaining a healthy eco-system and work with committed NGO’s and local communities.
  7. To avail of the latest technologies such as colour tagging, ringing, satellite and radio tracking to further our understanding of raptor migration, local movements, foraging range and territory size.
  8. To organize funding for projects from Ministry of Environments & Forests (MOEF), Government of India & State Governments, the corporate sector and from abroad.
  9. To disseminate information affecting raptors and to propagate realistic points of view amongst the public, local bodies, Government authorities and institutions, parliament and/or State Legislative Assemblies or any other public body for facilitating, conferring with, and ascertaining the views of these bodies matters directly or indirectly affecting the research and conservation of raptors.
  10. To build capacity at various levels by identifying and targeting Government wildlife institutions, conservation organizations, NGO’s, forest departments, independent researchers, youth and local communities, land owners and farmers, schools & colleges, etc. To impart basic skills in identifying raptors and training initiatives through field camps, workshops and seminars. To seek funds to execute the above activities.

TRUST Certificate bearing No 46479 dated 26.03.2014 to Raptor Research & Conservation Foundation.