Raptor Research & Conservation Foundation


Conservation through research to ensure stable wild populations of the various species of Asian birds of prey. Raptors are the Litmus Test of the viability of the varied habitats they occupy and are represented as symbolic emblems of power in cultures throughout the world.

We shall endeavour to augment existing knowledge of raptor biology and ecology, and through scientific research, work towards maintaining suitably large diverse habitats, preserve biological diversity and prevent any extinction.

Disseminate knowledge gained to ornithologists, pertinent Government Agencies and, through education and awareness, the public at large.

The not-for-profit Foundation strives to encourage and foster the study, and prioritise conservation of raptors in India, by broadening its knowledge base and sharing it with the raptor community, as well as to provide a platform for raptor researchers to develop their own individual skill sets.

Raptor Research and Conservation Foundation (RRCF) has a VISION:

To lead the way in raptor science and conservation in India and to ensure these birds of prey thrive in their natural environs and fulfil their roles in the web of life.

RRCF strives to achieve its vision by:

  • Setting up a core team of raptor scientists and to build capacity by providing opportunities to young researchers to develop field skills necessary for raptor research by undertaking both long-term and short-term projects.
  • Collaborating with reputed scientific institutions and conservation organisations in India and abroad to improve methodology, field work, data collection and analysis,¬†using the latest technology as tools for effective conservation management.
  • Backed by sound scientific research strongly advocate protection of raptors and their habitats with the Government, legislative bodies, decision makers, stake-holders as well as local communities.

Government of India certification:
TRUST Certificate bearing No 46479 dated 26.03.2014 to Raptor Research & Conservation Foundation.