2016 Watson Raptor Science Prize

The Watson Raptor Science Prize is awarded to our Scientific Advisor, Dr. Fabrizio Sergio for his Paper “No effect of satellite tagging on survival, recruitment, longevity, productivity and social dominance of a raptor, and the provisioning and condition of its offspring’’ Fabrizio Sergio, Giacomo Tavecchia, Alessandro Tanferna, Lidia López Jiménez, Julio Blas, Renaud De Stephanis, Tracy A. Marchant, Nishant Kumar and Fernando Hiraldo. Journal of Applied Ecology, 52: 1665–1675. doi: 10.1111/1365-2664.12520.

Watson Raptor Science Prize for 2015

Lead author, Dr. Fabrizio Sergio received the Watson Raptor Science Prize for 2015 for his Paper ‘Individual improvements and selective mortality shape lifelong migratory performance’ – Fabrizio Sergio, Alessandro Tanferna, Renaud De Stephanis, Lidia López Jiménez, Julio Blas, Giacomo Tavecchia, Damiano Preatoni & Fernando Hiraldo published in NATURE 515, 20 November 2014.

This is Dr. Sergio’s second Watson Prize, having won it first in 2012.